Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Indianapolis

Premium Long Distance Towing in Indianapolis, IN

Do you need to have a car, motorcycle, truck, bus, or any other vehicle towed to an address outside Indianapolis?

Dan’s Towing’s expert long distance towing service is available now.

Our extensive team of skilled technicians is ready to tow your vehicle beyond the local area, using a heavy-duty tow truck designed to handle a huge range of cars, trucks, and more.

Our long distance towing service is a fantastic solution for any number of emergencies. For example, you may be a truck driver from outside the local area with goods to deliver in Indianapolis. But if you experience engine troubles or get involved in an accident that leaves your truck unsafe to drive, you’ll have no way to get your vehicle back to your starting location without a tow truck.

That’s where we come in: contact our team and we’ll dispatch a technician to tow your vehicle right away.

Competitively Priced Long Distance Towing for All Vehicles

You need to have a vehicle transported miles from Indianapolis. You can’t take it to its destination yourself, and you’ve decided to hire a towing company to handle it for you. But you’re worried about how much an expert service will cost.

You don’t need to worry about that when you call Dan’s Towing. We’re dedicated to bringing customers the best towing services at amazing prices. We want to make those challenging situations you might experience on the road easier, and our low rates are a major part of our customer-focused approach.

Get in touch now for an affordable quote.

24/7 Long Distance Towing Service in Indianapolis

Sadly, technical issues, engine difficulties, and collisions may happen at any time — even late at night when you expect local towing companies to be closed. That can be even more frustrating and, possibly, unnerving when you’re in a new city.

But if you find yourself stranded with no way to get your vehicle moving, you can always depend on Dan’s Towing.

Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a dedicated team ready to organize your towing service. Our dispatchers will discuss your vehicle, where you want it to be transported to, and other crucial details.

If you need long distance towing in an emergency, we can send a technician to collect it fast. But if you want to schedule it for a later date, we can take care of that for you too.

Call Dan’s Towing for Long Distance Towing Now

Dan’s Towing is a popular towing company with a skilled team ready to take your vehicle a long way from Indianapolis. We can haul a wide variety of vehicles safely and securely, from cars to trucks and RVs, using high-end tow trucks.

Our technicians are local to Indianapolis, but we work with them to plan their long distance journeys carefully and choose the most efficient routes to get your vehicle where it needs to be quickly.

Contact Dan’s Towing at (317) 500-4123 today and we’ll discuss your long distance towing in detail.