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Battery Jumpstart in Indianapolis by Dan’s Towing

Have you ever been driving along a busy road and had your engine suddenly die? Or maybe you were getting ready to head home after a long day before realizing that your car wouldn’t start. Getting stranded in a lonely parking lot or along a busy street can happen when your car battery dies. The best first aid you can give your car is a battery jump-start in such cases.

When your car loses power, the problem is sometimes the battery – which provides power to the entire system. In these cases, a jump-start would temporarily boost the battery. This jump-start should give your car enough power to get you to the nearest auto repair service so that professionals can take a better look at the vehicle.


Your car battery can become exhausted for various reasons. The most common one is age. The average lifespan of a battery is 3 or 4 years. Once it’s exhausted, your car is at a higher risk of stalling.


Another reason is fluctuating temperatures. When the temperature outside the car is too hot, the battery components become corroded faster. The result is a drop in power.

On the other hand, when the temperature is too cold, your engine needs more power before it can start. This strains the battery by drawing more out of it.


Your battery components can become corroded even without high temperatures. Corrosion is a natural process for metals.

Driving Habits

Idling for long periods or leaving the headlights on can drain the battery faster. These habits cause damage that piles up and eventually exhausts the battery.


How a Battery Jumpstart Works

A jump-start temporarily connects the flat battery to a power source to slowly recharge the battery. When it has enough boost, it has enough power to start your car’s engine. Starting the engine allows your system to take over and recharge the dead battery normally. However, this is a temporary fix that will only allow you to reach a more convenient location.

Professionals best do car battery jump-start services for both your safety and the safety of your battery. Using a car battery jump-start service will help you avoid reverse charging your battery, or worse, getting injured. In Indianapolis, your best bet is with Dan’s Towing for many reasons.

Services for All Vehicles and Brands

Dan’s Towing has the equipment and expertise to handle a depleted battery, whether your vehicle is a motorcycle, car, or truck. We also work with all brands of vehicles.

Round-the-Clock Service

Regardless of what time your battery fails, Dan’s Towing can be there to handle it. We operate 24/7 so that our customers are never stranded.

Local and Near You

Dan’s Towing is a local Indianapolis service. This means that we can be with you quickly and easily. So rather than waiting for a faraway service, Dan’s Towing can have your battery up and running in a few minutes.

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